Assistance for Residents and Fellows in Training

Due to an aging physician population and the need for physicians in the communities we serve, UHS has created a program to assist residents and fellows coming out of training. Our Stipend Program enables us to link residents and fellows to the UHS system at a time in their training when neither party is ready to commit to a specific locale, hospital and/or practice.

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UHS has developed a Stipend Program to assist the best residents and fellows in the nation while they are still in training. Some of the highlights of our program include:

  • Stipend financial assistance granted on a monthly basis while recipient is still in training.
  • Access to information on topics such as current market trends on transitioning into practice, labor statistics, compensation, market conditions, and more.
  • Stipend will be fully forgiven after a full two-year service commitment in a UHS service area. Stipend payments will be taxed in the form of a 1099 in the year in which they are paid.
  • Area is based on servicing zip codes and current community need.
  • Participating physicians will not be required to endure any extra call requirements or to be employed through a UHS subsidiary. Recipients will need to have full active privileges and serve the community they have committed to.

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Program Overview: UHS Stipend Policy and Procedures

UHS will provide financial assistance to residents and fellows who are students in selected medical specialties to assist in the completion of their residency or fellowship training program. In exchange the resident/fellow will agree to be on full active staff at a UHS-affiliated facility for a two-year period, beginning when the physician is fully credentialed and approved to be on active medical staff. The physician will also service a UHS hospital's general service area's qualified zip code on a full-time basis.

The Stipend Program is intended to link residents/fellows to UHS in general and not to a specific hospital or practice. This stipend will only be offered at a time when a resident/fellow is not ready to make a full commitment to a specific community and/or sign a contract. The recipient of the stipend will not endure any extra duty or call-related requirements. This will be in association with the recipient's current training and future practice.

The resident/fellow also will not be required to accept a UHS facility-sponsored position; however, he or she will need to have full active privileges. The recipient is still eligible to receive a recruitment agreement (income and overhead guarantee) or an Employment Agreement.

Each stipend will be paid to the physician on a monthly basis while he or she is in training. The stipend amount will be determined by the specialty and the current community need in UHS hospital-based service areas. The physician will be taxed in the form of a 1099 at the end of each year. If the physician fails to identify a suitable opportunity after training in a UHS hospital's service area and decides to pursue another opportunity, the stipend will be paid back to UHS in full. This payment will be made to UHS immediately.


For a resident or fellow to be eligible for the stipend, they must meet the following criteria:

  • The resident/fellow must be in a full-time accredited ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) program or the AOA (American Osteopathic Association). The candidate must have a minimum of six months of training left.
  • The resident/fellow must be free of any contractual community service agreement with any hospital, group or self-employment in a specific service area. The resident physician also will not be eligible for the stipend if a letter of intent is signed. If the resident/fellow has not made a commitment then he or she may be able to proceed with the stipend application process.
  • The resident has the option of joining any practice that will allow him or her to practice in a UHS hospital's service area. Service area will be defined by the current affiliated UHS medical staff development plan, which will define the service area by zip code.
  • The resident/fellow must pass a standard background check and disclose any information that may make him or her ineligible.
  • The resident/fellow will submit two written recommendations. These can be from his or her current program, a medical program attended in the past (which may include medical school), residency or fellowship programs.
  • The resident/fellow must be in a specialty where there are several opportunities to practice and service a community based on current community need trends in UHS' markets.

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Resident/Fellow Responsibility (in training/in practice):

Residents and fellows must be responsible for the following:

  • The resident/fellow must be in good academic standing with his or her program. If any disciplinary action occurs, the resident/fellow must notify the UHS Stipend Program director immediately.
  • If the resident/fellow changes programs, contact information or any other necessary information, UHS must be notified within a two-week time period prior to notice.
  • The resident/fellow will not disclose the amount of the stipend he or she received with other residents or fellows. The terms of the stipend agreement are strictly confidential.
  • The resident/fellow agrees to practice medicine full time (40 hours week) in his or her specialty within the community service area of an affiliated UHS hospital. The service area will be defined by zip code of the physician's set practice location.
  • The resident/fellow agrees to have full privileges as set by the UHS hospital's bylaws.
  • The resident/fellow will agree to pay back any monies immediately if the obligation to practice in a UHS hospital's service area is not fulfilled as defined by the current medical staff development plan. If there is any material breach during the two-year commitment period, the practicing physician will be obligated to pay back monies owed on a prorated basis. The payback shall be waived if the physician moves into the service area of another UHS hospital.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to the UHS Stipend Program, please submit the following.

A background check form will be emailed to you as part of the second phase of application.

  • Formal application Download PDF >
  • Disclosure questionnaire
  • Cover letter and CV
  • Letter from program director that states that you are enrolled and in good standing with your current residency
  • Letter of recommendation

Download and view the Stipend Program brochure (PDF) >
Download the Stipend Program application (PDF) >

Please mail, fax or email to:
Jeremy Rodriguez
UHS Stipend Program
367 South Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
610-382-3397 (direct)
610-878-3965 (fax)

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