Northwest Texas Healthcare System Nurses wearing masks in front of hospital entrance

Our Strong Team of Healthcare Professionals Serving Patients

Meet our #HealthcareHeroes, the courageous team members who are working to heal patients and protect our communities.

Medical Advances and Innovations

Among the technology and innovation highlights delivered are podcast on VR @ GW and Convalescent Plasma at Manatee and South Texas Health System

Hear from our UHS Leaders

Survivor Stories

Among our favorite, heartwarming moments are the Survivor Stories:

  • Ralph at Northwest Texas Healthcare System
  • Eshmaeil at Texoma Medical Center
  • Pediatric Patient at STHS Children’s
  • Dr. Rachel Brem at The George Washington University Hospital
  • Francis at The George Washington University Hospital
  • Karla at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center
  • Maria at Palmdale Regional Medical Center
  • Juana at Southwest Healthcare System
  • Jimmy at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center
  • New Mommy Yitzel at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
  • James at Aiken Regional Medical Centers
  • Dr. Jan Pring at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • Albert at Palmdale Regional Medical Center

News Coverage that delivered Hope

Celebrity Messages to the UHS Team

We appreciate these individuals for the time they took to share messages of hope: