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UHS Heroes—Vivian Saenz

Mammography Technician, Edinburg Regional Medical Center

Vivian _600For more than 20 years, Vivian Saenz, a mammography technician at Edinburg Regional Medical Center has helped put women at ease about having a mammogram. She knows first-hand that women are frightened of the test, so her goal every day at work is to make the experience pleasant for them.

Vivian's tricks and techniques include lively conversations about everything but a mammogram, including the weather, children, shoes, whatever comes to mind. She is passionate about educating women about the importance of mammograms and making sure they come back every year.

She wants women to know that regular mammograms are the best way to detect abnormalities and that the earlier breast cancer is found, the better chance there is for a successful recovery.

Thanks, Vivian, for being a hero for women in Edinburg, Texas.