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Patriot Support Program

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Focus: Serving the Military, Veterans and Their Families

We are very proud of our Patriot Support Program, a national network of behavioral treatment centers, support staff and medical professionals who are dedicated to treating active duty members of the military, veterans and their families to help them cope with the emotional and psychological effects of combat, multiple deployments and separation.

The Patriot Support Program includes a comprehensive range that we offer in collaboration with the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and TRICARE®. In 2013, we treated more than 4,600 active duty military men and women; and we worked with more than 188 military installations in the USA and overseas.

Specialty Care for Our Armed Forces

Our multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists, physicians and clinicians that work closely with base personnel to help patients achieve treatment goals established by Military Command. Each facility has a dedicated Military Liaison who maintains appropriate and consistent communication with everyone involved in the plan of care.

Patriot Support Centers of Excellence accommodate the military infrastructure with special amenities that include a streamlined admission process and special Command access. Treatment includes comprehensive medication management and focuses on reintegration, resiliency, post-traumatic growth and daily physical training.

UHS behavioral health facilities are the leading provider of behavioral health services through TRICARE and our certified and networked programs service all TRICARE regions, The Veterans Health Administration, active duty personnel, members of the Reserve/National Guard Ready Reserve Services for Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Veterans and their families.

We continually enhance our programs and services to ensure military personnel and their families receive the support and care they need to succeed.

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