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The skill, professionalism and drive of the physicians at our hospitals and facilities are the most important factors in the quality of service we provide.

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UHS is constantly looking for nurses who are motivated by the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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Careers with UHS provide executives with the opportunity to leverage their leadership capabilities for organizational and professional growth.

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UHS is the perfect destination for people who want to participate in a growing and innovative organization.

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UHS gives allied health professionals the opportunity to work with technology that is making valuable advancements in healthcare.

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Allied Health

UHS supports U.S. military veterans who have given their time, safety and well-being so that we can enjoy the rights, liberties and opportunities our nation offers.

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 All employment at "UHS" is with one of the subsidiaries of Universal Health Services, Inc., including its management company, UHS of Delaware, Inc. Universal Health Services is a holding company.