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Karla Perez

Vice President, Acute Care Division

"Working for a company that values growth from within has allowed me to advance from a staff position to management to senior leadership."

Karla -Perez _500Year you joined UHS: 1983

First position at UHS: Medical Record Clerk

Responsibilities in first position: Filing and assembling medical records.

Why did you choose to work at UHS?: When I was in my undergraduate program in Medical Record Administration in Wisconsin, I had to complete a residency in the final semester and wrote to many hospitals requesting a position. Valley Hospital Medical Center responded. Following my residency I accepted a position as clerk in the medical record department.

Year you assumed current position: 2009

Responsibilities in current position: As Region Vice President in the Acute Division, responsible for overseeing the management and operations of six Western Region hospitals.

What has UHS meant for your career growth? Over the past 27 years, I have held 14 different positions with the company. Always a self-motivated person, I continued my education, earned a graduate degree and worked hard to identify and pursue opportunities available to me. At Valley Hospital, I was quickly promoted from medical records clerk to supervisor of the department by a CEO who believed that people should be self-motivated and come forward if they wanted to progress in their careers. Later, when I approached him again to ask about moving up, he promoted me to Director of Information Services with responsibility for overseeing four other departments in the hospital. That, in turn, led me to more promotions and more responsibility.

Working for a company that values growth from within has allowed me to advance from a staff position through management and into senior leadership. You have to be willing to take some risks and step forward, but UHS is the type of company that cultivates the talents of its people and helps them reach their greatest potential.

What has been your most valuable experience working at UHS? Two experiences come to mind as equally valuable. The first experience was my time as CEO at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center at a time when the hospital was at its lowest point with low margins, low employee satisfaction and poor physical plant. In one year, we were able to double the margins, go from one of the hospitals with the lowest employee satisfaction scores to one of the highest in the company, and complete construction on a new patient tower. The second experience was the opening of Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas. Being part of a project to build and open a new hospital from the ground up was an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience.