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UHS Commitment to Service Excellence

Corbis _42-35405821_400At UHS, we are committed to making every interaction we have a "WOW" experience by practicing the following behaviors of Service Excellence:

Treat Everyone As a Guest

  • I make a positive first impression and continue that positive impression through ongoing efforts
  • I anticipate the needs and expectations of all customer groups
  • Display service recovery skills
  • I am responsible for resolving customer dissatisfaction without assigning blame
  • Always say "Please" and "Thank You"
  • Greet guests with eye contact and a smile

Demonstrate Professionalism and Excellence in the Things I Do

  • I deliver excellence that goes beyond departmental and individual job responsibility
  • I am proud to sign my name to what I do
  • I demonstrate professionalism in how I look, what I do, and what I say
  • I hold myself accountable — I am a positive role model
  • Always wear your name badge
  • Use language appropriate to the situation and the guest

Practice Teamwork

  • I participate in decision-making and process improvement, regardless of my level in the organization
  • I communicate effectively within and beyond my assigned team
  • I focus on the problem or issue, not the person
  • Always end an interaction with the guest by asking, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
  • I hold myself accountable for getting the information I need to know to do my job

To recognize the best in Service Excellence, the Corporate Service Excellence Award is given annually to one acute care and one behavioral facility. Find out more >