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Pretax and Post-Tax Benefits

When UHS employees contributed to their benefits, they may do so with both pre-tax and post-tax deductions from their paychecks, depending on the benefits chosen. Here is an explanation of each:

Pretax Benefits

Pretax benefits are deducted from an employee's pay before federal and most state income taxes and Social Security taxes are withheld, so taxable income is lowered by the total of pretax deductions. Benefits that are paid with pretax deductions include:
  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision benefits
  • Basic life insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment insurance¬†
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

Post-Tax Benefits

Post-tax benefits are deducted from an employee's pay after federal and state income taxes, and Social Security taxes have been withheld so the do not reduce the amount taxes paid. Examples of post-tax benefits include:
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • Dependent life insurance
Employees should consult the benefits department at their location for complete information on pretax and post-tax benefits.