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75461639_400The PerksCard Voluntary Benefit Program

PerksCard is an extensive program of voluntary benefits, discounts and promotions that can save you money on everything from buying a car to planning your vacation.

For a complete list of voluntary benefit programs offered by the PerksCard, refer to your PerksCard program flyer or visit to register.


LifeScope, where there’s more to life, from E4 Health is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that can help you balance personal, family and work-related problems and concerns, such as child care, eldercare and financial or legal assistance. Professional counselors can help you with other concerns, such as dealing with stress, parenting or relationship issues, or with alcohol or substance abuse problems.

You and your dependents are eligible for up to three face-to-face or telephone counseling sessions with an experienced, licensed behavioral health counselor. Or, you can go to the EAP website to take advantage of extensive information and resources in a number of areas, including:

Family & Caregiving

  • Resources, tips and referrals for child care and elder care providers, day care and in-home schools, camps, community resources and more.
  • Support for issues related to parenting, caregiving, marriage, relationships and challenging family situations.

Emotional Well-Being

  • Support for issues such as crisis, stress, depression, substance misuse, relationships, career challenges and more.
  • Resources, tips and referrals for specialized treatment facilities and providers, personal or career skill building opportunities and more.

Daily Living

  • Resources, tips and referrals for consumer information, personal and family safety, travel and recreation, household matters, pet care and more.
  • Consultations and online tools for legal and financial matters.

Health & Wellness

  • Resources, tips and referrals for wellness service providers, fitness centers, healthy eating guidelines, support for common health concerns and more.
  • Online and telephone support for managing healthy lifestyles.

To find out more about LifeScope, go to or call 1-877-263-4306.