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Corporate Strategy and Capital Strengths


UHS is one of the most recognized innovators and leaders of the healthcare industry.

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UHS achieved its success by always adhering to an effective operating philosophy: Build or acquire high quality hospitals in rapidly growing markets, then invest in the people and equipment needed to allow each facility to thrive and become a dominant healthcare provider in its community.

We are committed to continually enhancing the services, programs and technology we use to help reach our goal of having our facilities identified as the most important source of quality healthcare in the communities they serve.

To do that, we aggressively recruit physicians, nurses and allied health specialists. We ensure that our employees are well-versed in the principles of service excellence, and we continuously work to provide better service, better care and better outcomes in an environment where we would want our own family members to receive the medical care they need.

UHS operates on a diversified business model that is split between acute care hospitals and behavioral health facilities. We work to become market leaders in every community, and have multiple facilities in several markets we serve.

We believe in pursuing growth through expansion in existing markets and through selective acquisitions. When UHS identifies opportunities for acquisition that make strategic sense, we are able to pursue those opportunities thanks to the corporation's well-managed debt and ready access to capital.

Through our entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership and a commitment to innovation and high quality patient care, UHS continues to grow and expand. We will fulfill our commitment to patients, physicians, employees, communities and our shareholders that we will achieve our mission to provide superior quality healthcare services that patients recommend to family and friends, physicians prefer for their patients, purchasers select for their clients, employers are proud of and investors seek for long-term returns.