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Corporate Officers

Alan B. Miller

Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer

Marc D. Miller


Steve G. Filton

Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Debra K. Osteen

Executive Vice President and President
Behavioral Health Division

Marvin G. Pember

Executive Vice President and President
Acute Care Division

Charles F. Boyle

Senior Vice President and Controller

Geraldine Johnson Geckle

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Laurence L. Harrod

Senior Vice President, Behavioral Finance

Matthew D. Klein

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Thomas J. Marchozzi

Senior Vice President, Acute Finance

Michael S. Nelson

Senior Vice President, Information Services
and Business Solutions

Victor J. Radina

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Cheryl K. Ramagano

Senior Vice President and Treasurer